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Hi friends!

My name is Ann.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share amazing tutorials, recipes, and life changing tips.

If you got a business and and need to market and monetize your business, personal brand, website or blog to take advantage of the online and digital opportunities, then you need the right tools, resources and advice to guide you.The biggest challenge for any blogger, social media marketer, content creator and publisher is to “start”

Services I offer are

Coaching :
  1. Start a blog 
  2. Help with your site, hosting
  3. Website/blog maintenance, social media promotion, email management, editing, and more
FEE = £20 – £100 {see options below}
OPTION #1 = £20 — “Pick my brain” for 30 minutes
OPTION #2 = £100 — Two 45-min. coaching sessions with email follow-up

Assisting : 

I currently serve as a Virtual Assistant {VA} for several other blogs, businesses, and brands. I charge by the hour and have no minimum hourly requirement, so you may pay-as-you-go (or grow!)

FEE = £20 - £30 per hour


Over the past few years, I’ve started writing for many other blogs, websites, and print publications.  I’m available to write single articles on an as-needed basis or contribute on a more regular monthly basis.

FEE = based on individual projects

Feel free to contact me with questions about any of my services!

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